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RoofCon 2021 In Orlando, FL

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

RoofCon 2021 was a great success. In a world where "your network is your networth", hopefully everyone was able to add value to themselves. I ended up getting there on the 3rd day of the 3 day event due to throwing curveballs, but ended up making it and getting right to work.

The atmosphere feels like business and gets you in "mingle-mode". With everyone being friendly and welcoming it helps you let your guard down and open to new ideas. Me and, Danny Filippelli of G4$, got to speak with Liz 4 Biz with Only Roofers, Patrick Carr, Roofer Marketers, Dashaun Bryant of Roof Hustlers, Hail 911, John C. Maxwell, and many more.

There were many confirmations that we were going in the right direction, but more importantly we learned what we can correct on to have an even better 2022.

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