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Interview Tips with Dan The Mansion

Interview with Daniel (Danny) Filippelli, Co-Founder, Goats4Sales

One of the most important steps in any hiring process is the actual interview itself. The interview is an opportunity for the employer to get to know the candidate and assess their qualifications, skills, and personality. However, conducting a successful interview is not as easy as it may seem. It requires careful preparation and execution to ensure that you get the information you need to make an informed hiring decision. Here are some tips on how to interview properly:

People don’t care what you know till they know that you care ( always build relationships off the bat of the interview. Asking personal questions about what they like to do? What they think are they’re biggest strengths and weaknesses. Opening them up to deeper questions shows they aren’t just another candidate but someone who is valued and respected for their time.

Never put the person in the position of getting the job or thinking they have it. Use words and phrases like “ what we typically look for in a candidate” or “once someone gets started with us” creating the factor of them not having the job creates a feel of need to be more heard throughout the interview.

People stating they need 2 weeks to tell their job they are quitting - this can be overturned almost immediately by explaining to them the competitiveness of the position and if we had (story) candidate and A and candidate B and we both like them but one can start next Monday and one can start in 2 weeks “who do you think we would choose” awesome so let’s change that to Monday and see how that works in your favor.

Great interview questions are key but what is more important is having a clear and transparent way of explaining the role they applied for and a walk through of everything from compensation to advancement to the culture of the company - usually answering any questions they have before they even come up.

Connect with the candidate, always find a common ground where you can relate or find someone in the company that can relate to them by really diving into their resume and having that first conversation opening them up to really catering the interview towards them with compromising the flow of your process.

By following these tips, you can conduct effective interviews that help you identify the best candidate for the job.


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