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Goats4Sales Interview’s The Best Damn Roofer, Lord Biggtime [VIDEO]

Goats4Sales Interviews Lord Biggtime

In the very first episode of our Goats4Sales podcast, your host @RoofsByDon and @DanTheMansion kicked it off right by interviewing the Drake (Canadian) of Roofing, Lord Biggtime. Video Below

In this episode the GOATS ask the questions every other roofer in the industry wants to know from Lord Biggtime... how he got to be the viral social media star, insight on how to make money and work with other industry affiliate companies through his Green Army movement, tips to door-to-door salesmen and roofers in general. We even got to meet the family(including the dog, ha!)

The Best Damn Roofer looks like he also does the Best Damn Interviews as well. Lord Biggtime!

#BiggtimeProductions #Goats4Sales #LordBiggtime #GreenArmy #BestDamnRoofer

- @RoofsByDon

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