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From Leads to Conversions: Achieving Google Maps Dominance in 2023.

Donavan Morgan, CEO of Roofs by Don and Co-founder of Goats 4 Sales, participated in a Roofing Webinar hosted by Roofer Marketers: “Achieving Google Maps Dominance in 2023”. Watch Webinar here:

Following the webinar, Mr. Morgan wanted to share insight that can help elevate your business presence on the web- not only within the roofing industry but can be applied in various business plans. A breakdown of the webinar is listed at the beginning of the 55-minute video.

A quick overview of the information provided includes but does not limit to: - Latest updates and information on Google Map Listings - Roadblocks preventing you from your business ranking on the web - Steps to take to get your business ranking in search engines And lastly,

“Best tools to systematize and automate the heavy” Goats 4 Sales takes pride in client success and during the webinar, Roofs by Don was mentioned multiple times as a leader in the roofing industry market. Donavan felt he had gained knowledge and insight into a more strategic approach to utilizing your online presence. To obtain this information, we have included the webinar and hope that you gain a better understanding.

If you would like more information on growing your marketing strategy please feel free to contact us. @Goats4Sales Best regards, Goats4Sales


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